master and commander

The SURPRISE began her life in Nova Scotia in 1970 as HMS ROSE. She was a near-exact replica of the 6th-rate frigate of the same name which served the British Navy with distinction in the American War of Independence. The original Rose met her end in 1779 when she was scuttled at the enterance to the port of Savanna in order to block the French fleet during the Siege of Savannah

The new HMS Rose sailed the oceans of the world for thirty years as a sail training vessel. Then in March of 2001, she was sold to 20th Century Fox to be modified for use in the production of the movie, "Master and Commander; Far Side of the World". For that she was re-named, HMS Surprise.  Subsequent to the completion of the movie, she was again sold, this time to The Maritime Museum of San Diego where she remains today.

HMS Rose

The stern gallery was extensively modified for filming the movie, "Master and Commander; Far Side of the World", starring Russell Crowe and directed by Peter Weir.

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